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   Single needle machine for closing of all kinds of filled bags made of multi-wall paper, PP/PE woven cloth ......


 Model GK35-2C

    Two Needle, Plain Feed, Flat bed, Four Thread Chain Stitch Machine for seaming and hemming ......


 Model GK2-8

    Single Needle, Plain Feed, Flat Bed, Double Threads Overseaming Sewing Machine ....



 Model GN20-2

HeBei QingGong sewing machine Co . Ltd, one of the leading manufacturersspecialized int bag sewing machinein China, has a history of 30 years in this area. The main products are bag sewing machines, bag closing machines, carpet overedging machines, etc which is use to stitch PP/PE bags, paper bags, jute, FIBC, carpets, leather, etc.

The QingGong Brand industrial sewing machines , which can be available in 4 series and 12 varieties are suitable for enterprises such as petrochemical ,food grain, sugar and port to stitch filled bags. They are also used to seam bags in bag making factories. The products are praised for its stable performance, formal stitch, easily maintenance and long life. They be used to seam various bags made from different materials. To meet the need of sewing thick materials, we developed the FGB4-1 thick material machine and GN20 overedging sewing machine which can be use to seam the bulk bags made from sacking, flax etc.. More over, the pendulum spindle is an innovative design which has fills up the blank in domestic.

Take the quality and reputation of QingGong Brand as the basis, regard providing premium service to the users cordially, and we welcome anyone, who comes to us or contacts us for a business deal. ...

This machine is equipped with unison feed mechanism and semi-rotary large capacity shuttle hook, suitable for sewing heavy weight materials. Used for harness, tack, saddlery, canvas, sport equipment, footwear. Such products as: safety belts, golf bags, luggage tarpaulins, tents, book bindings, orthopedic appliances, boots, holsters, knife sheath, purses, etc.

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